Don’t Fear The Root Canal: Our West Bloomfield Dentists Explain Why

by Dr. Nakisher | Date Published: 2018-03-27

We understand that the term “root canal” can strike fear in the heart of even the most experienced dental patients. But trust us, it doesn't have to be that way!

Our West Bloomfield root canal dentists are here to help you understand how and why this treatment becomes necessary, as well as why it really isn’t as intimidating as it may first seem. Let’s get started!

Root canal therapy is designed to save teeth that would otherwise fall out or need to be pulled. These are teeth that are damaged all the way down into the dental core—where the sensitive dental pulp and nerves are housed.

The goal of root canal therapy is to remove the damaged and vulnerable inner layer of the tooth, as well as any compromised dentin or dental enamel. Then, our team is able to rebuild and repair the remaining healthy tooth structure using restorations.

Many people are afraid that root canal therapy will be painful, because this treatment involves dental nerves, which are quite sensitive. However, thanks to advancements in dental technology, as well as the advent of sedation dentistry, root canal are now as comfortable as standard fillings.

And think about it this way, if you avoid undergoing root canal treatment, you may need to have tooth pull, or risk the infection spreading to other teeth and gums. Root canal treatment is actually vital tool in the dentist’s toolbox.

Of course, it’s always better to catch dental infections before they extend into the dental pulp. But, in cases in which this isn’t possible, our West Bloomfield root canal dentists are here to stop the damage from going any further, while repairing the compromised tooth.

If you are dealing with a serious dental infection or trauma, please reach out to our dental team for an assessment. Remember, dental damage doesn’t just heal itself—we’re here to help!