Learn More About CEREC Dental Treatment In West Bloomfield

by Dr. Nakisher | Date Published: 2018-07-17

Here at LakeView Family Dental we are always striving to make dental care as convenient and comfortable as possible for our patients. One way that we do this is by providing CEREC crowns to restore our patients’ smiles. CEREC technology has vastly improved the restorative treatment process for patients of all ages. Keep reading to learn more!

Historically, patients that required dental crowns needed to schedule multiple appointments in order to complete the treatment process. The first appointments were devoted to prepping the tooth and taking necessary impressions. These impressions and specifications were then sent to an off-site lab; this lab actually created the crown. While patients were waiting for their restorations to be completed, they had to wear temporary crowns.

Temporary crowns can be kind of a pain to deal with, because they rarely fit well. Many people find it difficult to speak and eat naturally while wearing temporary crowns.

The good news is that CEREC technology completely eliminates this cumbersome process. Because our office has a CEREC machine, we are able to design, mill, and place your crown right here in our office, in just one appointment.

Here’s how it works…

Our team will prep your tooth and get it ready for crown placement. We’ll then take a digital impression of your tooth, and input this information into our CEREC machine. The machine mills your crown on the spot out of high-quality, customizable porcelain. We’re then able to tweak the fit of your restoration, if necessary, before bonding it permanently in place.

Thanks to CEREC, you don't have to bother with multiple appointments, or ill-fitting temporary restorations. Our team is able to tweak your crown down to the smallest detail during your fitting, so you know that you’ll end up with a restoration that looks natural and functions optimally for you. CEREC crowns are customized in color, shape, and size; there are no one-size-fit-all solutions in our office.

We understand that you’re busy, and that, sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to simply get the dental care you need. It’s our goal to ease this stress, and empower you to restore your smile. As always, you can reach out to our West Bloomfield CEREC dentists by giving us a call, or using the Contact Us page on our website. We look forward to speaking with you!