Our West Bloomfield Sedation Dentists Help Patients Succeed With Oral Conscious Sedation

by Dr. Nakisher | Date Published: 2018-03-13

If you are one of the many people who feels anxious at the thought of undergoing dental treatment, our West Bloomfield sedation dentists want you to know that we understand. Whether you had previous bad experiences in the dentist’s chair, or you simply don’t love sitting still for a whole appointment, your concerns are valid.

That is why we make it a point to offer sedation dentistry solutions in our office. We have seen first-hand how powerful these treatments can be for people who have previously avoided dental care.

Oral conscious sedation is an effective, patient-friendly relaxation treatment that allows people to remain conscious throughout the treatment process, while also feeling calm and assured.

In order to benefit from oral conscious sedation all you have to do is to take a small dentist prescribed pill about an hour before your appointment is scheduled to begin. You’ll start to feel relaxed and worry-free! Keep in mind that you will need someone to transport you to and from your appointment since you’ll be under the effects of sedation.

One of the benefits of oral conscious sedation is that the pill you’ll take has amnesic effects. That means that once treatment is over, you likely won’t remember any of the treatment process. In many ways, oral conscious sedation gives people the benefits of being under more intense sedation, but without the need to be unconscious.

Oral conscious sedation is used to help people who suffer from severe dental anxiety. It’s also used for people who are undergoing multiple treatments at once, or who are undergoing particularly invasive treatments.

When you meet with our West Bloomfield sedation dentist, you’ll be able to learn all about the relaxation treatments we offer. We’ll help you decide whether sedation is right for you, and what treatments may best meet your needs. Give us a call to get started!