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Cerec Single-Visit Dentistry

We’re excited to announce that we have improved our ceramic dental restoration technology for you with the CEREC® system. It involves an amazing capability that allows you to have a crown, onlay or veneer done and be in and out of our office in just one visit instead of the two or three you would typically have to endure in order to complete your restoration.
That means fewer injections, less drilling and less time taken from your hectic schedule to produce your beautiful new smile!
Using CEREC®, we’re able to place your permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay or veneer in just 2 hours, no temporaries, no messy, gooey old fashioned impressions and most importantly, no second visit!  We know how hectic our patients schedules can be, and we want to honor your time and comfort...the technology of the Cerec system allows us to do this for you.  And ...You will have a beautiful smile!
Most dental offices measure you for your dental work and then place a temporary filling in your tooth while the permanent ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer is being manufactured at an outside lab. You then have to make another appointment to remove the temporary filling and replace it with the permanent one. With CEREC®, we are the lab. Our equipment eliminates the back-and-forth business and provides a precise, natural looking restoration from durable high-quality ceramic materials in a single treatment session, without the need for provisional fillings.
It is not only an effective and efficient system, it’s entertaining too as you can share our unique 3-dimensional view of your tooth on a screen that allows you to watch the whole 3D design process as it happens. It’s the world’s only system of this type, and we’re proud to say that we have this proven technology in our office, ready to create perfect, immediate restorations for our patients.
Come in and see our CEREC® technology today, and ask how it can make your next ceramic restoration easy, effective and attractive!