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Meet Our Team


Front Desk

Dawn: Dawn has been with the practice since 2014 and is the office manager. She has many likes such as helping others, action packed movies, her family, taking a nap, and Starbucks. Her dislikes are Pot Holes, Colds, and when white shirts turn pink from forgetting to sort laundry. 

Alyssa: Alyssa has been with the practice since 2016 and primarily handles billing and marketing. She enjoys traveling, Biggby Coffee, Rustic Decor, hippos, and spending time with her husband and dog. She dislikes spiders, commercials, and wet socks. 



Patti: Patti has been with Dr. Nakisher and the practice since 1998 and loves every minute of it. She spends her down time at the lake, spending time with her family, or going for a drive. She dislikes sharing.

Jenny: Jenny has been with Dr. Shiffman and the practice since 2016. She likes to cook, travel, play tennis, and eat good food. She dislikes coming home to her cat hanging out on top of her kitchen cabinets and when her phone is about to die and she has no charger. 




Susan: Susan has been with the practice since 1998 and primarily assists Dr. Nakisher and Dr. Isler. She loves spending time with her grandchildren and sharing thier latest antics. She also enjoys seeing the latest award nominated movies, reading, knitting and shopping at Home Depot to get empowered for her next DIY project. Susan dislikes raking leaves and high gas prices.

Jen: Jen has been with the practice since 2015 and primarily assists Dr. Wood and Dr. Shiffman. Jen enjoys spending her weekends boating, going to heavy metal concerts, or relaxing with her family and pets. She also loves to bake and will make all the delicious birth-day cakes for everyone in the office. She dislikes flat tires and when her bulldog eats the rug.