Botox® in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Ready to turn back the clock and look years younger?

Botox® may be just what you need to erase aging facial lines!

Botox® is an effective and widely-used cosmetic treatment that helps to minimize facial lines and wrinkles. This non-surgical, FDA-approved aesthetic treatment uses naturally occurring proteins to relax specific facial muscles. Once these muscles relax the resultant wrinkles will start to disappear. Botox® has the additional benefit of helping to prevent new wrinkle formation.

The Botox® treatment process is exceptionally simple. When you come in for treatment our aesthetic team will work with you to identify any problem areas you’d like to address. Then, we’ll administer a few Botox® injections to these specific areas. It really is that easy! The entire process is completed in just one appointment, and results can last 6 months before the proteins need to be re-administered.

Why do so many people come to our West Bloomfield dentists for Botox®?

Comprehensive Care

It’s unavoidable: your smile and facial expressions are deeply connected to wrinkle development and facial ageing. The good news is that our Botox® team understands your maxillofacial structure as a whole. We’re here to help you minimize laugh, worry, and smile lines, as well as crow’s feet, without limiting your self-expression. Botox® is also quite versatile in that it can also be used to treat bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Convenience Is Key

Our West Bloomfield dentists keep Botox® treatment convenient and accessible with flexible appointment times as well as useful payment options. See the results you want without the hassle and stress that you don’t need.

Reliable & Safe

Our trained and meticulous LakeView Botox® team personalizes Botox® treatment to suit the individual patient’s needs. Botox® has a proven track record of success, and necessitates very little post-treatment healing and recovery time.