CEREC in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Don’t let dental damaged destroy your smile.

Same-day CEREC crowns deliver results in just one appointment!

Using innovative CEREC technology, our dentists can create and place permanent, all-ceramic crowns, veneers, and on-lays in just one dental appointment. Thanks to CEREC, you can restore a damaged tooth in a couple of hours, rather having to schedule two or three separate appointments to get a standard crown.

CEREC also eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown; during your appointment, our dentist will simply take a digital impression of the relevant tooth, and then mill your custom ceramic restoration on the spot. You’ll walk out of our office with your permanent crown in place.

Every aspect of the CEREC crown is customizable. Your restoration will be shaped and sized to function optimally with your existing smile. We’ll also shade your crown to match your natural dental enamel.

As we begin CEREC treatment, you’ll be able to see a detailed 3-dimensional digital image of your dental crown. There are no surprises with CEREC; you’ll end up with a personalized restoration that you love.

Why do people choose our LakeView dentists for one-appointment CEREC crowns?

Comfort and Convenience

Using CEREC technology, our dentists are able to fully restore damaged teeth in just 2 hours. We understand that you’re busy; now you can get the restorative treatment you need in less time and with less drilling. We also offer sedation treatments for our patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety.

Patient-Friendly Payment Plans

When your smile is damaged, you shouldn’t have to wait to get the restorative care you need. Our office works hard to keep dental care affordable and accessible. We offer simple financing options, such as CareCredit, for your convenience.

Quality and Customization

Durable CEREC crowns are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Although these crowns are completed in just one visit, they can last for decades. Our team will help you preview your permanent CEREC crown using 3-D digital imaging, so that we can ensure that the shape, size, and color are perfect for you.