Periodontics in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Is periodontal disease destroying your smile?

Stop gum disease in its tracks with prompt perio treatment!

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a harmful chronic infection of a patient’s oral tissues. Periodontal disease is actually one of the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. The problem is that gum disease often develops asymptomatically; many people don’t even realize they’re dealing with periodontal disease until the infection is quite severe.

Gum disease develops when bacterial plaque builds up in a patient’s mouth. Over time, oral bacteria weaken and damage the patient’s gums, as well as other oral tissues. As gum disease intensifies, it spreads below the gum line. At this point the patient may develop periodontal pockets: spaces along the gum line at which the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth.

Periodontal disease develops in two stages, first comes gingivitis, and then periodontitis:

  • Gingivitis: is the first stage of gum disease. You may not notice any symptoms at this point, or your gums may appear red and swollen, and tend to bleed.
  • Periodontitis: is the second stage of periodontal disease. At this point, your gum tissue, as well as connective and jawbone tissues, may become seriously and irrevocably damaged. Some patients develop loose teeth on the way to experiencing tooth loss.

Our dentists will tailor your periodontal treatment to address the severity of your ongoing infection. We may refer you to Dr. Isler, our in-house periodontist, who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease.

Regularly-scheduled professional cleanings can help you avoid developing gum disease in the future. Brushing regularly, flossing between your teeth, eating a healthy diet, and drinking enough water can also help you maintain healthy gum tissue in the years to come.

Why choose our LakeView dentists for gum disease treatment?

Comfortable Perio Care

There’s no need to put off periodontal treatment due to fear or anxiety. Our gum disease dentists provide comfortable gum disease treatment. We even offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, for patients who need a little extra help staying calm and comfortable.

Whole Body Health Considerations

In our office, an important part of periodontal treatment is understanding how gum health is connected to whole-body wellness: this relationship is called the oral systemic connection. Our knowledge of the oral systemic connection enables us to better treat oral infections, and to help patients prevent gum disease in the future.

Treatment Designed For You

The best way to defeat periodontal disease for the long-term is to tailor gum disease treatment to suit the individual patient’s needs. The specific type of treatment from which you will benefit—root planing, dental scaling, and/or medications—depends on the severity of your infection.