7 Porcelain Veneers and a 3 Tooth Porcelain Bridge

Gerwald, from Royal Oak, is a handsome guy with a terrific smile that lights up his whole face, especially his eyes. Unfortunately, over the years his front teeth had worn, drifted, and become irregular and been patched with composite (plastic) that was chipping and stained.

After 2 teeth broke he considered the option of rebonding the chips but decided instead on a more permanent restoration of 7 porcelain veneers and a 3 tooth porcelain bridge on his upper front and side teeth.

The restorations were done in 2 appointments and the results were spectacular. They are very comfortable, free of sensitivity and no adjustments have been needed since they were placed.

He has since bleached his lower teeth and is delighted with his great smile! Gerwald was a pleasure and a joy for us to treat!