Bleaching and 3 Porcelain Crowns


This lovely lady came to me all the way from Grosse Pointe, MI because years ago we had done 2 beautiful crowns on her good friend. She was dissatisfied with her 2 front teeth crowns that were somewhat too long, had a gap between them, were too light for her teeth, and showed metal at the gumline. She also had a narrow upper arch making here smile look narrow.

She was very reluctant to restore all her upper teeth, so we decided on a minimal treatment plan and got terrific results! We ended up bleaching all her teeth and simply remaking three porcelain crowns for her 2 front teeth and an upper back molar. The only additional treatment was two veneers on 2 upper side teeth to “widen” her smile.

The result was astonishing and we were just so excited and pleased with the results. For her, the improvement in her smile was almost life changing!