E-Max Ceramic Crowns

EMAX Ceramic Crowns
This delightful young lady showed up at my office with chronic gum issues, many cavities (some quite large) around her back and front teeth, stained and discolored teeth with large gaps, and was understandably unhappy with her smile. She said she wanted Porcelain Veneers, but before we could start we had to first take care of the cavities and inflamed gums. Her already small teeth were also partially covered by her gums we first got some help from a great Periodontist (gum specialist) who did some minor gum surgery on her upper front teeth. The next step was to whiten all of her teeth using ZOOM and home tray bleaching. She would have loved to be able to restore most of her teeth, but she was limited by her budget to restoring only her 6 upper front teeth. We used 6 EMAX Ceramic Crowns to close the spaces and create a beautiful result! She loves her smile and told me that a friend of hers recently had veneers placed that were bulky and square and ugly. My patient said she could really tell the difference between our work and her friend’s and even her friend said that she preferred my patient’s veneers. This degree of cosmetics doesn’t happen by accident!