Porcelain (E-Max) Veneers


Paul, from West Bloomfield, MI, is an extremely active 71 year old man who had his front teeth bonded with composite years ago. As time passed, his front teeth wore down and the plastic composites discolored and stained. When he came to me in June, 2011 he was finally ready to do something about his deteriorating smile. His major concern was that the porcelain restorations be durable and reliable. In 2 appointments we place 8 E-Max porcelain veneers and crowns on his upper front teeth and the results were breathtaking. He has commented that he has no sensitivity and is completely comfortable with his new smile. He has since decided to do the same to his 6 lower front teeth after ski season! E-Max porcelain is the newest version of Empress and is significantly stronger than any porcelain we have been able to offer in the past.