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6 Questions to Ask Before a Smile Makeover

Having a perfect smile is a seemingly unreachable goal for many people. Having gaps between your pearly whites, stained teeth, alignment issues, or other cosmetic issues can make you feel insecure. With so much room for improvement, that’s where smile makeovers come...

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4 Cosmetic Dental Treatments’ Lifespans

Have you ever looked at your smile in a picture and wished it could be brighter, straighter, or more balanced? Don’t worry – there’s a solution: cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening, composite bonding, and veneers are just a few common smile-enhancing treatments that...

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3 Signs Your Dental Veneers Need Replacement

You might hope your veneers will last a lifetime when you first get them. Once they’re on your teeth, they can feel so durable that you don’t think they can break. Plus, they look so smooth, white, and shiny during the initial placement — how could such material ever...

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