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octopus-ballsRecently Theodent™, a luxury oral care company, released its chocolate-containing toothpaste that not only tastes great but claims to naturally prevent cavities without  fluoride!  Their  website  alleges that they have “harnessed the power of patented Rennou™,  a non-toxic proprietary blend of naturally-occurring extract found in chocolate” which according to them, replaces fluoride for tooth protection.   Another assertion the high-end oral care company is making is that Rennou, when combined with other minerals, actually strengthens  tooth enamel.  The research that I have done indicates that even though the active ingredient is derived from chocolate,  the actual flavor of the toothpaste is more mint than chocolate.  Has anyone out there tried it?  If so, I’d love to get some feedback about the taste.

Its non-toxic properties make it a great substitute for fluoride toothpaste, especially for children, since it’s not harmful if it’s swallowed.  But there’s a catch.  A tube of Theodent will costs about $100. (I found someone selling a single tube of it on Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping, but that seems to be an anomaly.)  If that feels like too expensive of an indulgence, you may want to try Crest Be Adventurous line of products.  There’s a Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste which only costs $4.97 retail.  Along with Mint Chocolate Trek, you can choose from Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest if chocolate is not your thing.  Those of you who enjoy a sweet treat before bed take notice!

What Other Flavors Are On the Menu?

In hopes of getting your attention, oral care marketing teams are using everything in their flavor arsenal to raise the roof on dental care and make cash registers ring.  Other flavors include coffee, scotch, bacon, curry and more, just check out  Buzzfeed’s  round up of toothpaste-flavored wizardry. If you think those flavors are little over the top, just take a look at the bizarre concoctions of toothpaste offered by the Japanese.  I don’t know about you but bamboo charcoal, eggplant, or Octopus Balls doesn’t sound especially appealing….

Anytime a new toothpaste flavor is introduced into the market, I feel like it’s to our advantage.  If it makes people more conscientious about their oral health then steps have been taken in the right direction.  At Dr. Mark W Langberg, DDS, MAGD, we have the skills, techniques and technology  to keep your pearly whites healthy and your smile bright.  While brushing daily is important to not  to floss and see your hygienist at least twice a year  for a thorough but  gentle cleaning.  No need to use the Octopus Balls toothpaste before you come, though!

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