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Candy lovers around the world will applaud when they hear this news.  A new Candy Loverstype of candy has been developed by a German-based firm, Organobalance GmbH, that actually reduces the levels of harmful bacteria that causes cavities.  Is it really possible to have your cake …or candy, and eat it too?

The importance of good oral health has been recognized by physicians and dentists for years.  Study after study has shown associations between poor oral health and conditions like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even pancreatic cancer. Now a new candy that actually reduces the levels of bad bacteria that begins the tooth decay process has been developed and these findings have now been published in the periodical Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins.

Within our mouths is a delicate balance of both good and harmful bacteria.  The harmful bacteria latches onto our teeth and produces acids that dissolves tooth enamel and eventually leads to tooth decay.  The most common type of bad bacteria found in our mouths is called Streptococci Mutans.  Previous research has indicated that we also have another type of oral bacteria called Lactobacillus Paracasei that actually reduces the levels of decay-causing bacteria.  Researchers believe that when the L. Paracasei bacteria is combined to the bad bacteria Strep Mutans, it prevents it from attaching to the teeth so it ultimately gets washed away via saliva.

This Sugar-free Candy Greatly Lowered Levels of Bad Bacteria

It began as a pilot trial where 60 subjects were given sugar-free candy with heat-killed samples of L. Paracasei in them. (Heat-killed to eliminate problems that could have occurred if they had used live bacteria.)  One third of the study’s participants were given candy containing 1 mg of L. Paracasei, another third ate similar candy that had 2 mg of the L. Paracasei, while the last group were the control group that just ate candy without any additives.  Overall, all subjects only ate five candies during the 1.5 day study.  The participants were allowed no oral hygiene and no coffee, tea, wine or probiotic food throughout the study.

Results revealed that 75 percent of the participants who ate candies with the good bacteria significantly lowered their levels of Strep Mutans in their saliva when compared to the control group.  In addition, subjects that ate the candy with the higher amount of L. Paracasei (2 mg), had lowered levels of bad oral bacteria after eating only one piece of the candy!

Researchers were amazed at the speed with which the candy did its work.  These significant findings were observed after only 1.5 days.  Researchers were also able to observe that L. Paracasei does not bind with other “good” oral bacteria as readily as it does to “bad” bacteria, making it a promising decay fighting technique.

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