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Isn’t nice to know that as we age some things never change?  Truth be told, a beautiful smile Pearly Whites or Weight Loss?remains an attractive trait well into our golden years, at least according to a survey conducted by Kelton research on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The AACD smile study reached well over 1,018 Americans ages 18 and older, and its overwhelming response to an online questionnaire suggests that a smile is still an attractive feature regardless of age.

Almost half or 45 percent of the online respondents believe that a person’s smile is the most attractive quality when it comes to defying age while the eyes come in at a close second at 34 percent. Of those 50 years and older, 54 percent believe that a smile can withstand the test of time over other body features such as body shape, hair or legs.

Weight Loss not as Important as Pearly Whites

When the survey takers were asked whether they would spend money to have the necessary surgery to reverse aging, an overwhelming 80 percent responded yes.  Women were in the majority when asked if they would spend money to correct bodily flaws or improve their appearance.  Approximately 84% percent of women versus 75% of men would invest in physical improvements including correcting cosmetically-flawed teeth.  In fact, 63 percent of women versus 49 percent of men would pay for cosmetic dentistry before they would invest in weight loss surgery or other weight loss fixes.

Overall, 62 percent of the respondents, both men and women, would invest in maintaining their healthy teeth, while only 48 percent would spend money to address excess weight, and 38 percent would address thinning hair.  The survey also revealed that certain age groups tend to spend more discretionary income on appearance improvements than other groups.

The Generational Impact on Aging and Beauty

While turning 40 has long been perceived as the age of midlife discontent, people within the age of 30 to 39 are more likely than any other age group to spend their discretionary income on their appearance. And it seems that adults 18 to 49 are more likely than adults over the age of 50 to invest in the upkeep of a youthful appearance.   It is possible that the golden key to the fountain of youth is a winning smile! At my Southfield dental office I have had over 35 years of experience creating beautiful smiles and I would love to help you experience the life changing results that I and my staff have seen over and over when we transform patients’ smiles.

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