So, you’re ready to transform your smile; that’s great! But what comes next?

Many people report that they feel genuinely overwhelmed when they start to take a look at all of their cosmetic dentistry treatment options. We totally get it, and we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn more about some of the treatments that our Bloomfield cosmetic dentists offer. We hope that this brief overview helps you feel more confident and informed as you move toward your dream smile.

Perhaps the fastest and most convenient treatment we offer is professional teeth whitening. This type of treatment lightens entrenched dental stains and helps to return teeth to their previous levels of whiteness. The whitening gels that we use in-office are more potent and effective than the formulations you can get over the counter. This means you’ll see more dramatic results faster!

Dental bonding is another treatment that delivers full results in just one appointment. If you choose dental bonding, our dentist will use composite resin to repair, build out, or cover your natural dental enamel. Because composite resin is custom-shaded to suit the patient’s needs, it delivers exceptionally natural looking results.

Porcelain veneers also allow you to transform individual teeth. This treatment uses individually-crafted thin restorations to cover the visible portion of the tooth. With veneers, you can make your smile look straighter, whiter, better balanced, and unblemished. Again, this treatment is personalized to meet the patient’s unique functional and aesthetic needs.

Finally, orthodontic treatment allows you to straighten and perfect your natural smile. In our office, we offer metal-free Invisalign treatment to help you straighten teeth and correct bite problems using clear aligners, rather than unattractive metal brackets and wires.

Some of our patients achieve the visible results they want using just one of these treatments, while others combine solutions in order to optimize their results. If you want to learn more about your treatment options, just give our West Bloomfield cosmetic dentists a call!