man smiling with dental implants in West Bloomfield

If you have ever dreaded the thought of tooth loss, you are not alone. Maybe it was a natural occurrence, or a small but significant accident, and now you are missing some teeth you used to have years before. Dentures seem to be the go-to answer, but many patients think they’ll appear a lot older as a result. Thankfully, there’s an alternative! Dental implants in West Bloomfield are the answer to tooth replacement and maintaining a younger look.

What Are Dental Implants?

Unlike dentures, which rely on suctions and clasps to remain on your gums or teeth, dental implants are a more permanent solution for teeth replacement. A dental implant is a metal rod surgically embedded in your jawbone in order to provide a sturdy base for a dental crown. Dental implants are sturdier, more functional, and more natural-looking than any other option for rebuilding your smile!

How Will Dental Implants Make Me Look Younger?


Dental implants are much more stable than traditional dentures. Dentures are attached and reattached, and sometimes accidentally slip out when you cough, eat, or sneeze. This can cause embarrassment for some, and having something that doesn’t feel like it’s being worn can be an immense relief to many.

Prevents Facial Collapse

Dental implants can provide the structure needed to prevent facial collapse. Usually, when you lose a tooth, you are at a greater risk for losing more teeth, jawbone deterioration, and a more sunken appearance. This can cause one to look much older than they are. Dental implants can keep your facial structure strong and youthful.

Prevents Tooth Loss

Dental implants can help prevent further tooth loss by occupying the would-be empty space the missing teeth would allow. Without a tooth in place, surrounding teeth tend to tilt toward the vacant space, which puts them at an increased risk for future loss. Dental implants can keep this from happening.

Youthful Smile

Dental implants help you feel free to show that bright smile of yours. No more worrying about dentures falling, avoiding certain foods, or how people will feel about you based on your smile. You can feel more confident than ever!  

With dental implants, many patients feel younger and live happier, healthier lives. If you’re struggling with tooth loss, checking out this state-of-the-art service could make all the difference. 

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