Woman looking in mirror while rinsing with mouthwash

Nearly a year ago, life as we knew it came to a screeching halt as the novel COVID-19 virus spread into a global pandemic. Since then, our world has been completely redesigned to incorporate extensive sanitation and safety measures, and your dentist’s office is no exception. In the last nine months, virtual waiting rooms have been implemented, appointments have been spaced out, and hand sanitizing stations have been put in place with the sole purpose of preventing the transmission of the Coronavirus. But there is one safety measure that you may not have heard of yet: OraCare. Read on to learn what it is, the benefits, and why it is important during the current pandemic from a dentist in West Bloomfield.

Answering the Question: What Is OraCare?

At its core, OraCare is a groundbreaking line of professional-grade rinses that are used by over a quarter of a million patients nationwide. What is the difference between OraCare and other mouthwashes you ask? In short, it is a two-bottle system designed to address the frustrations dental teams and their patients were having with chlorhexidine (an oral rinse), like staining and additional calculus build-up. Not only is each line backed by science and created by dental professionals, but the finished product available today has achieved the initial goal: providing patients and dental professionals with an oral rinse that genuinely improves oral health.

OraCare & Dental Safety During COVID-19

All too often, patients view oral rinses as nothing more than a bad breath-fighting measure. While minty-fresh breath is definitely a plus, OraCare plays a much more important role in your oral and overall health. Due to its powerful bacteria-killing properties, using this product can help prevent disease and infection. In fact, a recent case study found that it even kills COVID. So, you can eliminate bad breath while simultaneously adding an additional safety measure to your daily routine!

Initially, using an oral rinse to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 seems like a small measure. However, as we continue to battle the worldwide outbreak nearly a year later, even the seemingly insignificant best practices count. To learn more about OraCare, don’t hesitate to give your dental team a call!

About the Practice

From the beginning, LakeView Family Dental has established itself as a practice dedicated to top-notch dentistry, a patient-centered approach to care, and utilizing the latest in proven dental technology. In addition to implementing over seven other sanitation protocols amid the current pandemic, we are currently the only dental practice in Michigan that sells OraCare! If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary product and why it’s a pillar of our COVID-19 safety in West Bloomfield, don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at 248-363-3304.