How Porcelain Veneers Have Evolved to Benefit Countless Smiles

by | Jun 17, 2020 | General Dentistry

man holding magnifying glass to his smile with porcelain veneers in West Bloomfield

If you haven’t been blessed with a set of naturally straight, white teeth, chances are you’ve looked into cosmetic dentistry. One of the most popular and versatile treatments is known as porcelain veneers. These ultra-thin ceramic shells are bonded to the front surfaces of your problem teeth to mask virtually any aesthetic imperfection you may have. For this reason, thousands of people elect to enhance their smiles with veneers every year. But they weren’t always the near-perfect treatment they are today. Keep reading to learn a little more about the history of porcelain veneers in West Bloomfield and how their progress could benefit you.

1928 – The Invention of Porcelain Veneers

The first recorded use of porcelain veneers was in 1928 by Charles Pincus as part of a costume to beautify a Hollywood actor’s smile. They were attached using a removable adhesive and promptly removed after the shoot. Celebrities in Hollywood began using acrylic veneers that lasted longer, but they were easily damaged and had to be replaced often.

1959 – Etching Was Introduced

Dr. Michael Buonocore invented the process of etching in 1959, which is still used in many restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to this day. During the etching process, an acid is applied to a tooth’s surface, causing deeper pits and grooves to form on the enamel that enable restorations like veneers to better adhere to the tooth.

1982 – Research Led to More Efficient Bonding

In 1982, researchers from the Simonsen and Calamia group improved on the etching process invented by Dr. Buonocore. They would paint a hydrofluoric acid onto the surface of the tooth. Then, they would apply a putty-like material called composite resin, which would seep into the pores created by the acid to forge a more durable and long-lasting bond with a veneer. This method exploded in popularity. Most patients didn’t need to get their veneers replaced for several years thanks to this technique.

Today’s Veneers

These days, your cosmetic dentist in West Bloomfield uses the same etching and bonding methods that were developed almost forty years ago. However, they also pair them with a higher-quality porcelain material that is incredibly resistant to discoloration. Additionally, modern veneers resemble tooth enamel so closely that onlookers shouldn’t even be able to tell that you got dental work done. To top it all off, they can last as long as 20 years before they need to be replaced.

When it comes to cosmetic dental treatments, few are as effective, durable, and lifelike as porcelain veneers. If you’re looking to boost your confidence in your smile, ask your dentist if veneers are right for you.

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