Survey Breaks Many Stereotypes about Denture Wearers

by | Aug 15, 2015 | General Dentistry

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Findings from a recent survey conducted for GSK Consumer Healthcare illustrates the many misconceptions people have about dentures and denture wearers.  When people think dentures what pops into their minds most often is a picture of their aged grandparents.  But the fact is denture wearers are getting younger and younger every year, revealing that dentures are not just worn by grandma and grandpa anymore. More than half of the 500 online survey respondents (53%) were 44 years old or younger!  Another big reveal was just how dentures affected their relationships and their oral care behavior.


Dentures: It’s a Delicate Relationship

Overall the results of the online survey revealed that denture wearers have a complicated relationship with many facets of their lives because of their dentures. However, these same respondents felt that dentures also gave them confidence and freedom at an affordable price.  Without dentures, tooth loss can limit what and how much you can eat. 

Obviously a limited diet has some serious physical consequences because of the lack of nutritional support.  Argumentatively the biggest consequence of tooth loss is aesthetic though.  Without dentures facial structures are not supported, so over a period of just a few years sunken cheeks begin to appear.  As time goes on more advanced loss of structural support for the face continues which definitely “ages” you, regardless of your age!  So for people suffering tooth loss, dentures and implants can offer a dose of self-confidence by supporting the soft tissues of the face and implants will even keep bone loss at bay. However, while technological advancements to tooth loss have improved, dentures wearers still struggle with certain issues including intimacy, career limitations and a somewhat cautious relationship with food.  Not so with implants.

People Who Wear Dentures are often intimidated by Social Situations

For some, discussing dentures with loved ones is off limits. Being a denture wearer is something they don’t divulge to even those closest to them.  Imagine keeping a secret for years or longer from those you care about most. But apparently 63 percent of survey respondents keep it from their friends, their siblings and even their own spouses.  Of course, one way to keep people from knowing you wear dentures is to avoid eating at parties, weddings, luncheons and even barbecues.  Some avoid eating out altogether.

People with Dentures feel it Limits Their Career Path

Based on the survey, many denture wearers believe that it holds them back in the workplace. Nearly two out of five dentures wearers, or 38 percent, admitted that it has stopped them from networking with movers and shakers in their respective industry.   Some go as far as to avoid job interviews, while others avoid speaking up during meetings and conferences.

Denture Wearers Have a Complex Relationship with Food

Avoiding certain foods is something many people wrestle with daily.  People with hypertension worry about their salt intake and diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels daily.  We’re a nation that worries and obsesses about food; from what’s in it to how it’s processed.  But when it comes to food, denture wearers become even more selective in their food choices.  Of the 500 respondents, more than half (54%) admitted worrying about whether certain types of food were more prone to getting stuck in or under their dentures.  The top foods most avoided by denture wearers include corn on the cob, apples, nuts, seeds, and steak.  Some even go as far as abstaining from coffee and wine because of the staining factor.

Denture Wearers Care about Their Oral Health

But above all, what these results both reveal and shatter is the false impression that denture wearers just don’t care about their oral health.  The survey also indicates that next to overall good physical health, denture wearers believe that oral health places a close second in their list of health priorities.   Nearly 78 percent of denture wearers responded that they take excellent or good care of their dentures.

Look, we all age and like a lot of things, our natural teeth and oral health changes with us.  But just because our smiles change it doesn’t mean we don’t have our lives to live.

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