Hi everyone,

An estimated 37 million Americans are edentulous–without teeth in one or both arches.  Despite this high number, however, many denture wearers can feel isolated and alone, suffering from self-consciousness and insecurity when socializing or eating due to fear of their dentures slipping out of place.

But now, we are offering denture patients in the metropolitan Detroit area a new treatment that can immediately increase denture stability in just 2-3 hours.  Recently, I have become certified by 3MTM in the placement of Mini dental implants (MDIs) which provide an affordable and minimally invasive way for denture-wearers to anchor their dentures in their mouths so they can regain confidence and feel comfortable eating, talking and smiling.

In the past, denture wearers had few options for how to increase the stability of their dentures.  They could use adhesives, which were messy and not always effective or they could have a new denture made but that didn’t always work, especially if the dental ridges in their mouths were flat or difficult.  The other option was full-size dental implants, which, while effective, are often prohibitively expensive for many patients.  In addition, many patients are not good candidates for the procedure due to lack of adequate bone to support full sized implants.

Mini dental implants, however, are different from full -size implants.  Ranging in size form just 1.8 millimeters to 2.4 millimeters, these implants can be placed in the dental office in a very simple 2 hours procedure.  The patient’s existing denture can be adapted to snap on to the implants.  Unlike full-size implants, which require significant integration (fusing to the bone) time, MDIs can be immediately put to use keeping the patient’s denture in place, so the patient can walk out of the dental office transformed after just 2 hours.  Because the treatment is minimally invasive, mini dental implants can be an option for patients who are not good candidates for full-size implants.  Best of all, the treatment is much more affordable than full-size implant options.

I am now certified in the placement of 3MTM MDI Mini Dental Implants, and I am always available to consult with you to discuss whether this treatment is right for you.  For more information, call our Southfield office at 248-356-8790 or visit 3M’s MDI website,

That’s all for now, until next time,

Mark W Langberg, DDS, MAGD