Danielle Baratz,

General Dentist Livonia

Dr. Danielle Baratz

Dr. Danielle Baratz is an accomplished dentist renowned for her comprehensive training and unwavering enthusiasm, both of which she gleaned from her rigorous academic journey at the esteemed Dental School at the University of Michigan.

Now, she applies these attributes to her role at LakeView Family Dental in Livonia. Dr. Baratz’s earnest endeavor is to convert her extensive academic knowledge and hands-on training into superior dental care, thereby contributing significantly to her team and the broader community they assist.

Driven by a firm belief in the pivotal role of oral health in overall well-being, Dr. Baratz is committed to delivering top-tier dental care. Her dedication to patient comfort, education, and preventative care exemplifies her professionalism, making her an indispensable resource to her patients. Dr. Baratz’s patient-centric approach, coupled with her profound expertise, fosters an environment of trust and comfort, ensuring her patients receive the best care possible.

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