The Big Benefits to Restorative Dentistry

Managing chronic pain from infected gums, bad teeth or poor oral health can be a daily uphill battle. Living with oral pain keeps you from living your best life. You may be afraid to speak publicly. You may even be self-conscious about your smile, and tired with the daily challenge of managing the pain. No one should have to second-guess whether they should smile or not. It’s a natural response to what makes you feel good inside and out.

The good news is that the experienced dentists of LakeView Family Dental can help using restorative dentistry. These restorative procedures can give you back your smile and your life. You can’t place a dollar value on healthy teeth or gums. The ability to speak, smile and enjoy everyday life with confidence all starts with good oral health.

How can Restorative Dentistry help?

When you’re managing oral pain, you want immediate relief. Restorative dentistry helps alleviate pain and restore oral health when facing dental issues.

In fact, it has become so popular among so many because it mimics a smile’s natural look. Thanks to its precision customization of dental crowns, veneers, dentures, bridges, implants, inlays, and onlays, a dentist can alleviate the pain and give you the smile of your dreams. And let’s not forget that you’ll be able to function normally; smile when you feel like it, eat your favorite foods when you want and speak without embarrassment.


Are you a good candidate for restorative dentistry?

Depending on the condition of your teeth, gums and your entire mouth, you may benefit from restorative dentistry. Of course, regular visits to the dentist can stop any oral condition from becoming intolerable. Whether it’s a dental emergency or a dental condition that won’t go away, the benefits of restorative dentistry can alleviate your pain and your fears while giving you a healthy and winning smile.

What are the benefits of restorative dentistry?

Besides alleviating pain and improving the function of your whole mouth, restorative dentistry procedures can improve the appearance of your teeth for that picture-perfect smile.

Replacing broken, missing or infected teeth with dental implants or dental crowns can rebuild your smile to its former, natural state or if you want a dream makeover for a dazzling Hollywood smile.

If a commitment to dental implants seems too invasive, dental crowns or dental bridges might be a better option. It gives you the advantage of restoring your natural smile because it mimics the natural shade and appearance of your teeth.

Restorative dentistry improves your overall health too.

How you take care of your teeth says a lot about your health. The condition of your gums and teeth either indicates that you’re a person in good health or someone who is at risk for critical diseases like diabetes, stroke or heart failure.

Certain dental restoration procedures can minimize your risks of periodontal disease or other tooth-related conditions. For instance, dental crowns and bridges can restore missing or broken teeth to their full function without weakening surrounding gum tissue or teeth. If a tooth has minor decay or is injured, your LakeView dentist may suggest an inlay or onlay.

Restorative Dentistry keeps teeth from moving out of position.

Believe it or not, a single missing tooth from the upper or lower jaw means teeth below or above could float into the space causing a slightly crooked smile. Problems are not just aesthetic; improper spacing could cause medical issues such as migraines from grinding or pain from a misaligned bite. When teeth move out of position, it can also put you at risk for more advanced and prolonged procedures such as braces.

When you address tooth misalignment, a crooked, chipped, cracked or missing tooth or tooth decay, with restorative procedures like crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays or dental implants, you save your teeth and smile from further complex procedures. You’ll also save money, commitment and time in the future.

One of the quickest money-saving restorative methods is getting a filling for a cracked tooth to keep it from further deterioration. With a family dentist, you can act fast, especially when emergencies occur; say a fastball knocks your child’s tooth loose. In that instance, a restorative procedure allows teeth to retain their positions and reduces the likelihood of more costly dental procedures in the future.

Protect your teeth with restorative dentistry.

Tooth fractures and cracks happen to the best of us. The cause may be something as simple as grinding or natural everyday use. Sometimes cracks and fractures appear due to a sporting accident or some other physical trauma. Regardless of the cause of the break, the first step is to act fast. In most cases, delaying a dental visit only increases pain as more stress is put on the tooth fracture or cracked tooth. The earlier you act, the quicker it is to fix and can save you money from more complex procedures.

Pain from fractures and cracks makes eating and chewing difficult. Even the tiniest fracture can result in tooth sensitivity from hot and cold beverages. As a fracture widens, tooth pain is constant, and working or sleeping becomes impossible.

With a visit to your family dentist, you can prepare for the best course of action. Depending on the tooth damage, any number of restorative procedures can restore your tooth and stop the pain. Crowns are the most common option. Other restorative procedures are available such as bridges, inlays and onlays. Dentures and dental implants can correct the damage done by extreme tooth decay or the damage done by delaying dental work.

CEREC® crowns are a popular option among patients. It is an advanced dental restorative system of the highest quality that allows patients crown placement in one visit. It’s the ideal option to restore teeth that require defective fillings replaced. The CEREC crown procedure can also correct decayed, cracked or broken teeth. In some cases, CEREC crows are perfect as veneers for cosmetic correction.

Of course, whatever you choose for crown placement, acting before the damage becomes extensive is the key to fixing the tooth, relieving the pain and protecting the loss of your natural teeth.

Seek durable and permanent solutions with restorative dentistry.

Delaying the correction of cracked, fractured or broken teeth can lead to gum infections. When broken teeth are beyond repair, dental implants are a reliable, safe and durable solution.

Dental implants by LakeView Family Dental are an excellent option for many dental problems. The procedure allows the gums to support and stabilize the structure of your mouth to provide the full function of your teeth. Dental implants bond with the gum tissue and naturally reinforce the jawbone for sustainability and longevity.

Another major benefit is the reinforcement of dental implants provide the jawbone’s structure giving it extra stability and durability, especially for those at risk for osteoporosis.

Restorative dentistry results in better dental structure

Your natural teeth provide your mouth and gums structure. Missing teeth due to an accident or tooth decay weakens adjacent teeth overtime and negatively impacts the function of your mouth. Tooth loss also affects how you eat, chew, smile and speak; those everyday actions we take for granted; yet make life more enjoyable.

Restorative dentistry with LakeView Family Dental gives you a sustainable dental structure to ensure your mouth functions as it should for your entire life. Not only is restorative dentistry long-lasting, but its solutions also prevent teeth movement, protect your natural teeth, improve oral and overall health and enhance the appearance of your smile.